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Who We Are

Craig Zernickow
Senior Consultant

Craig is the founder of Z-Squared and currenlty acts as the Senior Consultant. Craig has been actively involved in the world of Information Technology/Services for over 11 years, and performed many of the same services for several years before that as a part of his other job functions. He has a varied background that allows him to approach consulting with a fresh viewpoint and see things with a little different perspective than many other information services consultants. He began his full-time Information Services career with Metro Information Services - now a part of Keen. While with Metro, Craig worked with such clients as Harrah's Casino, Kansas City Star, BP/Amoco in Houston, and Jorban-Riscoe Associates in Lenexa among others.

"I like to look at our consulting services in a different light and approach than I feel a lot of other consulting groups do. I maintain a 'can do' attitude about our services and make it a point to look at the 'big picuture', and insure that our clients' computer infrastructure functions as a tool to speed efficiency and effectiveness. I very much enjoy working with some of the smaller businesses and organizations that are often times overlooked and much underserviced by information technology providers."

Sean Zernickow
Sales Consultant

Sean brings to Z-Squared yet another source of varied background and experiences. Sean acts as one of Z-Squared's sales consultants serving Central and South Central Kansas. He will make it hard for you to say no if he sees there is something Z-Squared can do to improve your business processes or efficiency. Expect to see great things from Sean as the times pass and he becomes even more involved in the technical aspects of Z-Squared!!